Curated by No9

Over the past few years the No9 team have worked with a few Hawke’s Bay Artists, during and outside of studio time. We have always been inspired by their passion and drive for the arts.

Inspired by this we thought, let’s display local art on our freshly painted blue wall in our studio!

As our team pulled ideas together for The Blue Wall, COVID-19 hit the world and we went into lock down, so naturally our focus went online. This new focus and time work from home gave us an opportunity to refine the idea behind The Blue Wall.

Our aim, to create a collaborative space for Hawke's Bay artists, new and established where they can upload, market and sell their art their way and on their own accord via social media channels.

As the curators our commitment is to support our artists on their journey, providing social posts for new, featured or exhibiting artists. So what to do with the painted Blue Wall... Featured Artists!

Once a month we aim to have a new artist featured on The Blue Wall website and in the No9 studio, giving you more exposure. With signage on our studio door and a flag out front, anyone following The Blue Wall online with know where to find us and your featured pieces.

Love the idea of being apart of a Hawke’s Bay Artists Community online, where all the printing, framing and payment is taken care of in one place?

Get in touch with the Team at No9, pop in and see us or contact us via the online form, we’d love to know a bit about you and the art you create, so we can create and account for you.

Once you're all setup we'll manage the online ordering process for you, so you can focus on creating more pieces to add to your collection!

We'll also give you the means to make direct contact with your customers so you can build an ongoing relationship with them and despatch any original pieces.


We really wanted ‘The Blue Wall’ website to be as user friendly as possible, so during the initial research phase while looking into fine art printing within the ‘Bay’ we made contact with Chris at Edges Art + Framing in Havelock North.

This contact turn out to be a blessing in disguise, Chris had an evolving back end printing and framing tool that could be integrated into ‘The Blue Wall’ website. Initially the plan was to build the site in house but we needed to up the game of the website utilising this tool, that’s where Webfox came into the picture.

Webfox had developed the online printing and framing tool for Edges Art + Framing so having them on board would be the final link in the chain, bringing this project together. So with the design ready, we handed over the build and developement of the site to Webfox and voila we have a website.

A massive thanks to both Edges and Webfox for all the time and work on this project!