What is The Blue Wall?

Created with the purpose of supporting local creatives, ‘The Blue Wall’ is an online platform that allows artists and designers to sell prints or original work. 

Each artist is provided with a personal gallery where they can curate, upload work and use it as a space to promote themselves.

We have collaborated with Edges Art + Framing and Webfox to integrate their evolving back end printing and framing tool, which will allow a customer to pick a frame when they purchase a digital print or original artwork - as well as allowing them preview the artwork framed and mounted before they buy. 

By providing our artists with a collective online forum to sell prints and original work, we’re heightening their visibility, showcasing as a whole the talent that lurks within Hawke’s Bay, for all lovers of art.

Who can use The Blue Wall?

The Blue Wall website has been created for all established and up and coming artist based in the Hawke’s Bay Region.

What are the costs involved with The Blue Wall?

There is no cost to artists/creators to setup an account and get there pieces online. We have a 12% commission upon sale, this is to cover website hosting, site maintenance and curation.

How does The Blue Wall work and how will it benefit me?

If you have decided to sell your piece/s on The Blue Wall website as a creator, contact us via thebluewall@no9.co.nz we will create an account with your basic details. You will then be sent a link to create a password and complete your account setup. Once you have completed the setup of your first piece the rest will be based on your preferred settings. This online space is another avenue for you as artist/creator to sell your pieces with other creative minds that reside in Hawke’s Bay. As the curators of the site we'll create social media posts, to celebrate our artists and show off their wears. But the full benefits lay in your hands... You have the opportunity to use this space to its full potential via social media channels, online advertise, a link on your website to shop... take it by the reins and run with it!

How do I feature on The Blue Wall?

Features will be at random and will run for approx. a month. If you have a gallery Exhibition let us know and we’ll do our best to time this in with your event.

What is the Feature Wall?

The Feature wall is an added opportunity of our artists/creators. In the No9 studio we have a literal, physical, painted blue, wall (that’s we’re this baby started!). This is a location for artist/creators to come hang their creations when they are featured on the website, giving you extra exposure to foot traffic. We will have a flag outside the No9 studio so people can locate the physical blue wall.

How do I sell my work through The Blue Wall?

The best way to create traction is to market yourself. People won’t know your sell you piece on the Blue Wall if you don’t tell them. We will also support our artists with the mentioned social posts so these can be shared.

Selling and dispatch:

Unframed originals: Artist are required to arrange the packaging and dispatch their original pieces upon sale (we recommend including postage in your base price to cover this cost) 

Framed originals: If a piece has been sold that requires framing the artist is required to drop of the original peice into Edges in Havelock North where they will complate the sale process.

Prints: If a print has been purchased it will be printed, framed (if applicable) and dispatched by Edges in Havelock North.